Bloctait is the name of my latest project. I am a German digital designer, born in Frankfurt, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Potsdam, and currently working in Berlin, where I also call home for now.
My previous background in technical drawing influences and defines my work, evident in the straight lines and visual structure. I play with basic shapes and deliberately use a limited colour palette to create spatiality, incorporating surrealistic mid-century vibes, that have both technical and architectural overtones.
Each artwork is limited and MOSTLY produced in a Japanese original print called Riso. Risography captivates with bold, unique colours and, due to the special process, leaves random artefacts that further enliven the image and make it truly unique. TheIR ecoFibre paper is wood-free, so it does not fade.

I will also try out other printing techniques or even media in the future, but I don't have anything specific in mind yet. One of my goals is to host an exhibition at some point.
get in touch if you have a question or feedback — Happy to hear from you.
IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A PRINT, SEND ME AN EMAIL or reach out on instagram and say hi. I don't sell any prints, but YOU MIGHT BE LUCKY AND I'LL PUT ONE IN THE POST FOR YOU. A small donation to advance this project with prints is always appreciated, but not essential.